Our group was developed in 2015 after a need was found to improve the availability of transport for K9 Officers injured in the Line of Duty. At that time it was realized that there were minimal to no guidelines in place to aid in the training and treatment for both K9 Handlers and the EMS personnel who would expedite and transport the injured K9 to a tertiary care center for definitive care. ​Our goal is to offer K9 units and EMS Personnel with continuing education as well as provide a central connection in which to cultivate an open network to share information and establish resources.
We are a multi-disciplinary group leading the way to provide the highest quality emergency medical care while expediting transport of working K9 Officers injured in the line of duty. We believe in developing guidelines as well as offering ongoing education to these exceptionally skilled providers and handlers.
This is a group made up of Volunteer EMS providers, Veterinarians, Canine Handlers and others. We are eager to collaborate efforts to aid in the development of guidelines; offer training and raise funds to off set the cost of treatment and training. We hope to establish a legal precedent that will provide protection for those providing care on the EMS and veterinary sides.
Telford Veterinary Hospital Friends of the Reading K9 HOWL ​Veterinary Tactical Group